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Ghost Bride AUThor originally was against going into the seclusive Gold estate. Loki simply talked him into it. The legend of the old house, abandoned years ago, says that its master was killed on his wedding day, and was followed by his bride, who disappeared the same day.

The brothers become separated inside the mansion, and while Thor confronts the specter of Gold, Loki finds his way to the pavilion where the ghost bride, Belle, stands waiting.

Loki is immediately and absolutely smitten, and though Thor pulls him away quickly, Belle is intrigued by his curiosity, and his perseverance. Loki returns to the mansion alone, bringing all the magical equipment he needs to restore her to life, but Gold attempts to sabotage his efforts. Fed up with her fiancé keeping her trapped in purgatory, Belle tells Loki to run, then overloads the power of the house, sacrificing herself to send both trapped souls onto their final reward. As Loki watches the estate go up in flames, he catches a brief glimpse of her rising into the heavens, and then a new star twinkling in the skies.